Water Pump Repairing (donkey pump)

In this article, I am gonna tell you some thing about water pump repairing. This is a most common water pump that people use in asian region and in western region too. This is commonly known as donkey pump in asian region. But first of all, I would like to tell my readers about the parts of this pump, so that they would be able to understand the system easily.

donkey pump
donkey pump

In this water pump, there are a few parts. There is one single phase motor and one water pump with body. This motor is joined with pump through rubber v-belts, motor move and then the pump also move and make pressure of water. We are not discussing here about motor, we are discussing about water pump. There is a flywheel, attached with crank, that crank is attached with a piston inside the body. This body has fluid oil, machine oil, the piston is attached with a steel shaft, that shaft has two bogies and those bogies move and make pressure of water, above that there is valve plate and that plate has 4 valves, two for suction and two for discharge.

Water Pump Repairing:

This is the whole scenario of a water pump. Now question is, what are the problems that cause water pump problems? These problems are:

  1. Not fetching water.
  2. Not giving pressure.
  3. Leakage of water from shaft.
  4. Oil seal leaks.
  5. a lot of noise.


water pump
water pump

Not Fetching/giving water: If water pump is not fetching water or not making pressure then it means the valves inside the head of pump are not working properly. They might have problem in valves like the quarter pin dissolve in water due to rust, there is some clog inside the pump that stuck the valves. That clogs may include plastic wrappers, small stones, rubber pieces etc.

Not giving pressure: If the valves are ok, then the bogies are not working properly, they are not making pressure, it may have problems like bolts have dissolve in water, they losen the bogies, the washer between two bogies has left the place etc. If this is the problem then need to change the bogies, because they are leather bogies and they shall not place again once you lose them and get it out of pump.

Leakage of water from centre shaft: If there is a leakage of water from shaft then it is a problem of gland thread, that need to change or just tight the check nut by using key wrench of 19 number. This is a standard number. But don’t tight it too much, because it will tight the shaft and create problem in making pressure and the motor over the pump will take too much load to run the pump because of friction.

Oil Seal Leakage: If there is a oil leakage and you find oil all over the flywheel then its time to change the oil seal, if you are not changing it, then it will create problem in piston and the crank. It will cut the crank and then the balance of flywheel will be out. So, need to replace the oil seal.

If the pump is making too much noise then it’s time to check the oil level. If the oil level is below the gauge point then pour some oil fluid. After that switch on the motor, you will see that the sound will reduce.

Hope, you people will get the point. If didn’t understand then please comment here or tell me if you have any question. You can also make videos of your problem and then send me. I will try my best to solve your problem. You can email me at admin@dontaskmyeducation.com you can stay connected with me on social media too.

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