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fridgeHello guys, in this article, I am going to tell you that how a refrigerator works and how many types of fridges are available in market? Well, there are two most common kind of refrigerator are available in market, people usually don’t know about it and they start buying without proper knowledge, here I am giving you the proper knowledge.


Fridge / Refrigerator

There are two types of fridge / refrigerator. One is called defrost and other is no frost. The most common identity of no frost is, there is a small fan or strainer you can see in the upper chamber of the fridge, this fan gets air from the cooling pipes/chamber and then ventilate in the main box there you can get ice cubes or any kinda ice you want to freeze. It resist the icing in the inner surface of ice chamber.


While a defrost refrigerator, makes ice on the surface of the upper chamber of refrigerator, this is because the upper chamber is completely based on tubes. It is freezing chamber just like deep freezer. It doesn’t have any heater inside. But in modern technology, we can see some touch system fridges have heaters to defrost the ice in chamber. But they are no frost fridges. Whether it has quick ice maker or other, but they are mostly no frost.


There are two common Chambers of defrost and no frost, in first upper chamber, consumer can make ice and freeze his meat or anything that is require to be frost. In the lower chamber consumer can use for chilling water, soft drinks bears and vegetable etc. In some fridges we can see three Chambers, the lower chamber is to store vegetables and fruits, but normally we can get this thing in two door fridges. After this article, we will share the information inside the fridges and it’s mechanism etc. That you can find here.


One thing to point out and we all can notice that there is a bulb in lower chamber of fridge. There isn’t any bulb in upper chamber. This is because of minus degree temperature in upper chamber. Due to excess frost in fridges ice may mount on bulb or any electrical part. The upper chamber of no frost is totally based on chamber pipes. The size of this chamber is small, That’s why there is no need of bulb in upper chamber. If we see in no frost then there is a most common problem that people face is freezer is not working, because the ice mounts on fan motor and it jams the fan to work, it is not in front of chamber That’s why a consumer can not see it that the heater is not working and ice is mounting on fan motor.


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The capacity of the refrigerator may differ according to the cubic size of the fridge, whenever you are going to buy a refrigerator then you will see the size in cubic feet or cubic meter. In Asian countries it is available in 8 cubic feet to 12 cubic feet in defrost refrigerator and in no frost the sizes are higher. Depends upon the need of consumer that how much luxuries he need in his fridge.


No frost are available from two doors to six doors. The size of that big size fridge is resemble to a normal cupboard. This fridge has several separate Chambers. It is difficult to repair a no frost fridge that has circuit inside. This is because it has circuit board and have touch system in it. Manufacturers usually make it in 220 volts and 700 watts approx. But in some countries they make in 110volts and the watts are depends upon Ampere they consume.


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