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Troubleshoot fridge is not a big deal. If we see the mechanism of fridge, its simple. It is very important that a person using the fridge should know fridge problems. He would be able to analyze what’s going wrong with his fridge or refrigerator while it is not working fine. In simple words trouble shooting.


If you are using defrost fridge, then there might be something that you notice then you can repair it yourself or hire a technician.

troubleshoot fridge


The upper chamber is cooling fine but the lower chamber is not cooling.


  1. This is because the gas is not enough in your fridge. There may be a leakage in pipes. Learn more.
  2. The pump of compressor is not working properly or the pump is weak.


The fridge is running continuously.


  1. This is because it’s thermostat is not working properly
  2. The Bello of thermostat is not touched with the chamber (there is a capilary tube with thermostat is called Bello).
  3. There is a small electrical part on compressor (that is called relay) is not working properly.


Water is dripping from the door, or flowing on the floor of lower chamber.


This is because the drain line is not clear. There is a drain line in every fridge to exit the defrosted water from the chamber. Ice melt from the chamber and it converts into water, if there is grocery in that chamber then it can clog the drain line. If the drain line is clogged then water inside it may turn into ice and make other trouble.


The bulb in lower chamber is not lighting.


  1. The bulb may be fuse.
  2. The points of holder of bulb has carbon in points or have lost connection due to heat of electricity use.
  3. The small button nearby door is not working.
  4. Read how to repair bulb.


If these are the problems then some of the problems you can troubleshoot yourself. If you think that you can’t do it then call the technician.

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