Solar Panels in Summer season – How they help to reduce electricity bills?

Solar Panels are cheap


Solar panels are famous nowadays, when you are going to live off grid. With the help of solar panels a person can reduce his electricity bills. I personally am using solar panel and I am happy to tell you people that with the help of only one solar panel, I am getting good results. What are the things that help you with a single solar panel. It doesn’t means that you shouldn’t buy more than one panel. I am just telling you about its facilities.


Lets see that how much beneficial it is. In the market, there are two quality of solar panels available. One is polycrystalline and other is monocrystaline. I personally prefer monocrystaline solar panels. This is because the quality and stability in volts. The design and cells structure is different to each other. I will not dive in depth about these properties. I will just tell you how they can give you benefits within shortest time period. With the help of a single panel, a person can easily run his one ceiling fan. There are a variety of ceiling fan that are running on both 220v and 12v. These ceiling fan can be used for off-grid and on-grid both.


Facility of Solar Panels


This facility of electrical appliance make it easy to install solar panel. Nowadays the local markets are full with 12v electrical appliances. These appliances are durable and can easily use with 12v batteries too. These panels are helpful in those areas where the weather is dry and a lot of sunshine. These solar panels generate 13v to 18v under the sun. These photovoltic cells produce enough energy for the use of a 12v DC iron, juicer, blender, and Fan. They can also blow leds, but there is no need of LED in day time, other than in garages and dark area of house.


Not only a person can use these appliances but he can also charge his battery bank with the help of solar panels. There is a little calculation that solar panel users should know. If they don’t know then they should consult with the technician. The technician will fix all the things according to the need of his client. In normal houses, contractors install solar panels from one to 20 to make good electricity.


Panel Specifications

solar panels

A normal solar panel produce upto 18volts along with 8 to 10 amps. These are the figures that can give the watts of that panel. Since, these are not constant, they vary according to sunshine and weather. If the weather is cloudy then the sunshine will not directly come on panel and it will not give that amps which was written in its circuit diagram. People install vertical wind turbine along with solar panels to fill up the vacuum of electricity in day and night. They use dynamo to generate 12 volts. These are also variable. because wind turbine generate electricity with the power of wind and wind power is not consistent too. But with the combination of these two things, a person can fulfill his dream to live off grid.

Home Appliances and Solar Panel


Not only small appliance, but nowadays people are using Air conditioners and water pumps with the help of solar panels. It can also be used for energy efficient home heating. Solar Panel is really an awesome thing that is now available in cheap. A normal solar panel can be buy within $60. The mechanism of fridge can be run with solar panel. Just need to buy a DC inverted fridge or a simple fridge with 12 volts compressor.


People can do their room wiring with 12 volts separately. This is because due to fame of solar panel and its cheap prices. People like to install solar panels to use their appliances off grid in day timing. It also helps the electrical supply organization to maintain their loads and transfer that energy to the production mills and factories. The best thing in the 12 volts DC, it is not dangerous for human or animals. It doesn’t have electrical shock just like 220 volts. It can run whole house, if install in proper means. The whole appliances can be used with 12 volts in day time with solar panel and in night time with battery bank.


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