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As an electronic marketer, I usually stay in the search for new tools that might work without hampering its quality. Website evaluation is an essential part of any SEO plan and locating the best tools for accomplishing a thorough site analysis isn’t that difficult. Here, I am listing the very best 5 SEO tools that’s  advantage I take to discover important SEO metrics very quickly:

1- SEO Analyzer – That is perhaps one of easy, straight forward and the speediest tool that I’ve been using till to-date. SEO Analyzer conducts a complete website examination in simply a few seconds and a free of charge downloadable report.

It identifies and give insights of the key SEO metrics such as:


  1. Website speed.
  2. Techie SEO factors like the occurrence of keywords in the going, name or image.
  • The presence of active urls or Iframes.
  1. The entire impact of common media shares.
  2. A final number of backlinks.
  3. A final number of indexed internet pages.
  • Top keywords and their rate of recurrence.
  • Web page level SEO advice etc.


Note: If you’re buying a tool that instantly scans your client’s website and a short SEO survey for an immediate appointment, then Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer is the greatest tool which you can use.


2- Hyperlink Research Tools – This tool has been employed by big brands like LinkedIn and eBay. LRT offers a complete backlink audit article which you can use to raised plan your web online marketing strategy. Unlike Ahrefs and SEMrush, Hyperlink Research Tools offers a 360 level view of the backlink account and generates a fresh crawl with every new record you create. That is unlike other hyperlink audit tools that exist on the market.

Links remain an essential area of the Google’s standing algorithm and having an instrument that delivers such precise backlink audit statement is crucial in the SEO arsenal. Listed below are the most notable features provided by LRT:


Provides Link Notifications (LA) that automatically scans the net for new links; gathers web page link data from 24 hyperlink sources and supplies you with a contact notification when it picks up new links.

In the event, any site gets a Google charges; this tool helps even to make Yahoo cherish your disavow record faster by adding links getting crawled to help you increase the healing process.

Has built-in in-depth tools for doing competition analysis. Also, offers a particular Competitive Link Speed Tool (CLV) that permits you to start to see the relationship development of your website weighed against the link

development of your competition and know very well what is normal for your market in the sight of Google.


3- WooRank – Another great tool to execute a thorough research of the web site. Woorank help identifies and enhances quite SEO elements.

Here are the most notable features provided by the tool:

  1. Provides insights at the top of web page factors like Meta tags, Headings tags, keyword persistence, in web page links, sitemaps, shattered links, underscores, etc. It recognizes each one of the specialized On page.
  2. SEO factor and enables you to check the position of each one of these.
  3. Analyzes the compatibility of the web site on mobile.
  4. A separate user friendliness article provides insights on the location size, fill time, organized data markup, favicon, etc.
  5. Identifies the very best backlinks directing to the website combined with the top social stocks and local directory website visibility.
  6. A special guests tabs provide relevant traffic estimations when compared with the competitors.


Note: You can Buy WooRank in sharing group of tools from


4- SEO Optimer – This tool helps to instantly scan a site and class it according to the five important metrics that are SEO, performance, UI/Mobile, communal and security. With regards to the grades which may have been assigned, advancements are suggested that you can immediately use to further enhance your website.

Here are the very best top features of this tool:

  1. It recognizes and analyzes the very best SEO technological ON site elements like header tags, meta tags, body content, text message to HTML percentage, sitemaps, the occurrence of robots data file, analytics, cracked links, etc.
  2. It analyzes the quickness of the website and breaks it down according to the average person size components like HTML size, CSS quality, JS quality, etc. You can certainly identify which documents have a larger size so that you can reduce it down to be able to improve the overall quickness of the website.
  3. It calculates the full total number of Loves, Shares, and Feedback about your Area.
  4. It bank checks for SSL, personal email privacy, and other factors for conditioning the security factor for a more robust site optimization.


5- Found – Probably a new SEO tool that hardly any marketers know about. The Found website analyzer inspections for the SEO factors which may have the biggest effect on the organic and natural search rankings.

A number of the important features provided by the tool are:

  1. It identifies the usual SEO problems like canonicalization, meta data, fill time, sitemaps, etc.
  2. It provides a listing of ON page website link research like image links, nofollow links, lacking text content, lacking name attribute, etc.
  3. You can view the strongest one-way links combined with the full website link metrics.
  4. This tool is also an App, and the accounts can be easily downloaded as a PDF.


Website analysis can be an important part of any SEO strategy, and an unhealthy study brings about an imperfect SEO plan. The usage of right tools for studying a site will help you get exact insights into the most important changes that you’ll require to put into action on your site to get the best results.


Do you utilize another SEO tools to investigate your website? Please tell us in the reviews below.



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