SEO in 2020 – A lot of challenges people will see

Challenges for SEO 2020

Its June, 2020 and in this year, there are a lot of challenges for SEO experts. Some people are saying that this year is last year of SEO, and SEO will no longer work for search engines. This is wrong perception because due to SEO, the search engine better knows about the website.

Google has taken a lot of updates and they have refreshed their ecosystem. SEO work still exist and people are doing their work online. Their websites are going up and down, due to Google update. What a person should see during SEO work? What are the things that are necessary for SEO, without those things, SEO doesn’t work. 

The main thing is keyword. If you have proper keywords and you have analysis on keywords, then you will be able to kick start your website. At first, a person need to understand what keyword do? This is actual the thing that a search engine user use while searching. That keyword is the main thing. The more keywords in your articles, the more strong SEO you have. The density of keywords will be dependent upon the words in your article. That shouldn’t exceed in minimum word count. 

SEO in 2020 and Challenges

The things that I have mentioned above is totally basics of SEO. After understanding the keywords in your articles, person need to understand the volume of keywords searched by people. SEO 2020 is a major challenge for SEO optimizer. Keyword volume and then your position on search engine, whether you are indexing in Google or in other search engines. 

Why I am sharing my opinion on SEO 2020, because a lot of people told me that their website was on top with several keywords, but now, they are on zero. This thing urged me to write this thing. When a person try to do SEO, then he must know all the know how of SEO. 

Backlinks Still Exists

In the previous years, people usually create backlinks to refer traffic and google bot to their websites. Some people create do follow backlinks and some make nofollow. Both are useful and I don’t know, why people prefer do follow on no follow links? both are referring to the site, the main thing is that, what is the caliber of the site referring to. There is another thing that need to see that your competitor may make bad backlinks of your site to some bad reputation websites. 

Making connections with good websites is a good practice in SEO. These backlinks can be generated by guest posts, comments backlinks and social links too. But remember, a person shouldn’t make too much backlinks, it will be counted as spam. I will keep updating regarding SEO, keep in touch with me on Facebook

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