Room Wiring | How to do wiring in a room

Well, when we see a single room then we see that there are several plugs points and switch buttons on different places. When we switch on the button then the bulb turn on or fan turn on. This is because it is linked with wires. In a normal room we mostly use only a few points for wiring.


Room Wiring

Room WiringIf we think as a professional electrician then we will think about several things before we start working of wiring in a room. whether it is a concrete building or a wooden house. The electrical wiring will be same there. This is only a game of two wires, one is single phase and other is neutral. An electrician usually run neutral wire directly to all the points. He will use the phase in which current flow, it will be via switch. So, it is a thing to consider before a person starts wiring of his house or a room.


There are a few things to see before start wiring:


  1. The nature of electricity there, whether it is 110v or 220 volts.
  2. The Neutral wire is just to return current or it will be a phase wire.
  3. Is there any earth wire system?
  4. If there is 110 volts then how can make 220 volts?
  5. If there isn’t any neutral wire then how can he make a neutral wire?
  6. from where the main junction box shall fixed?
  7. Where the main wires are coming from the switch panel?


After considering these matters, he will be able to make a plan to start wiring in a room. Now have a look on the above matters first. If the electricity is 220 volts then there will be need of one neutral wire for current return, that will be kinetic energy that will return to earth after usage. What is the work of neutral wire? It will flow the electricity that is being used and flow the kinetic energy down to earth. This is the simple work of neutral wire.


Now, whether the room is big or small, the points of electric board will be according to your needs, some people want electric plug near their bed, for laptop charging, for computer, LED, routers etc. Considering the total load, you will be able to use the gauge of wire and the plugs that you will use after wiring. It is not necessary that you do concealed wiring, you can do open wiring so that you would be able to see the wiring system and if there is a single wire heat or any problem, that can be changed easily, while it is difficult to fetch a single wire from bunch.



Lets suppose, we have a brick room of about 12 x 12 feets, it is a normal residence room. Consider wiring of this room, we will see some thing more, like on which wall the windows will fixed. Where will be the door. how much height of switch board and where the other wires will located. Like internet wire, television cables and intercom etc. There might be sound system too, it can be concealed wiring or open wire both, but if it is concealed then it will be good looking.


Now we have made a plan that we will use one power plug on each wall, one point for electric bulb or tube light. Here I am telling you simple wiring, that does not include any other wiring like UPS wiring, Generator wiring, sound system wiring, internet wiring or tv cable wiring etc. I am just telling you about simple wiring that will help you to lit your light and use of electrical appliances.


Room wiring

The main junction box will be fixed on the wall where the entrance door is. Because a person will enter in the room then the switch board shall be near the approach of the person to lit the light, if there is night time. It is natural that the buttons shall be near the door. So the main junction box will be above that door.


Now, you will see where the last point located, then you will start wiring from that point. if it is from the opposite wall, then you will start wiring from that point. But before start wiring, there are several works to do if the room is under construction. If you are doing open wiring then it will be easier for you, here I am telling you open wiring so that you will be able to understand it in better way. Suppose there is a bulb point on that wall and you need a power plug below the bulb point, then you will use two higher gauge wires for power plug and two wires for that bulb point. There will be four wires with different gauge, lets talk in millimeter.


You will use two wires of 4 millimeter and two wires of 3 millimeter. Now you need three points on roof, (two points for light and one point for ceiling fan). Then you will add one wire on the first light bulb point, then one wire for fan, then one remaining wire for the last light bulb point. You will fetch the wires until you reach the junction box. But you will not cut those wires there, because the wires will have to come down to switch board, so that it will join with buttons.


After doing that you will see that two walls are remaining, now you will add two wires for each wall and then you will come through centre point of room that is the ceiling fan point, from there, you will move the wires to junction box and then in the switch board. After gathering the wires. You will see that there will be 11 wires including two thick wires of power plug.


ElectricianYou will measure the wires till the switch box, leave 12 inches extra and cut. An electrician will not cut those wires exact measure, because you might need some wire on points. That’s why electrician will leave some extra wires. After cutting that, you will be able to see that your wiring is completed. Now, there will be only a few changes you will do and your wiring will be ready to send electricity to all the points.


After finishing of the room, you can see that there are two wires on each bulb points on wall and two wires on power plug. You can drill and fix the bulb holders and fix the power plugs into wall or in the socket. On the ceiling, you will see only one wire of bulb point and one for ceiling fan. You will see the main neutral wire that was used with the first bulb point.  Make a joint of wire from that neutral wire to get neutral for that point. Fix the ceiling fan too. After doing that come to junction box and see where are the two thick wires. You will cut those wires from the junction and then make a joint with neutral and phase separately with main points.

Don’t forget to power off before you start working. These are the main wires where you can get electricity. Now electricity will flow in the thick wires. It will be available in the last power plug to the switch board. In the switch board, you will need to make a set of buttons. You will set 6 buttons and one power plug there. The two 4mm wires will fix in power plug. Make a joint of current wire and add in the loop of wires of other buttons. After doing all those things, when you switch on the button, you will see the bulb will lit. That’s the wiring work of a single room that I could describe in simple words.

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