Points of Plumbing in your bathroom

Hello, in this article I am gonna tell you that how much points of plumbing required in a normal bathroom. This is a series of plumbing articles, you can learn basic of plumbing in this website. In a normal bathroom (that is a common bathroom, that every person can use) consist only two points inside for pouring pot / flush tank point and one point outside the bathroom for the wash basin. The inside two points are for toilet seat water point to fill up the pot and other point is shower.


Plumbing points

Keep this thing in your mind that bathroom and lavatory area both are in one covered area. Some house owner make them separately, in case of separate bathroom, plumber need to put only one point of plumbing that is for the pouring water in pot. It is the simplest lavatory room set that we see in village areas where we can see lack of water and technology.



In civilized areas, we see attached bathrooms where we have several points. One is for hand shower, other is for flush tank, if living in cold area then we will see two connections for each point, one is cold and other is hot. Now come to the water delivery point again, in a normal bathroom, there are three most common things, one is commode second is shower mixer and third is wash basin. If your bathroom is luxurious then you can install Jacuzzi or bubble bath etc. You can also install Swana bath. Depends upon the size of bathroom and cost that owner can afford.


plumbing pointsWhat are things that a professional plumber should see before he starts working, the level of wall and ground. The height of the plumbing points are very much important. This is because once plumber fixes the concealed pipes then it will cost too much if try to reinstall after completion of bathroom. That’s why piping of bathroom need a careful assessment and then proper installation. Hot water pipes must be higher grade to tolerate the pressure of hot water up to 150 degree centigrade.


The points of plumbing for wash basin must be at least 15 inches above the ground level and the points of plumbing for shower mixer shall be 36 inches. The distance between two plumbing points of shower mixer must be 15cm or 6 inches. If the owner need bath tub then he might change the place of plumbing points. Plumber should work according to the need of the house owner. The point of plumbing for flush tank must be 60 inches from the ground level. If installing water geyser in bathroom then the point of plumbing for geyser should be 72 inches from ground level. This point shall be far from shower mixer.


Before proceeding of piping, make mind regarding the need of house owner. If there is a map then follow that map, but use common sense too. Because there are a lot of architect don’t know ground reality. They just put points without knowing whether they will be suitable or not?. In case of piping in wall, plumber should always use crank to overlap the pipes. Piping in basement or floor then you can use separator for piping. It will be better practice to use proper parts.


I hope that reader Of this article will now be able to understand about bathroom piping. Whether you are not plumber or don’t want to be a plumber, this knowledge will help you. It enables you to get the work from the person who is plumbing in your house or in your relatives house. You would be able to monitor whether the plumber is working fine or not. It will help you to save a lot of money that will cost in case of wrong piping within wall and if tiles are fixed there.


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