Plumbing work tools

There are several plumbing work tools that plumbers use in their works. It may differ from the countries and the plumbers choice whether they use custom tools or normal available tools.

Plumbing Works


Most common tools that are in use of plumbers are:

Screw drivers (Plus & Minus)

Pliers (Cutter, Nose & Normal)

Saw blades

Wrenches (keys)

Measuring tape



screw driverscrew wrenchscrew wrench screw driversaw bladecommon plier

Other Tools:

Pipe wrench


Drill machine

Custom wrenches

Pipe cutter

Leveling measurement tool

Wash basin wrench

Plumbing wire etc.

Slip Point Plier

key wrench setkey wrenchhammerplierpipe wrenchcutter plier

These are some tools that I knew about, may be possible that there are some other tools. By using these tools any person can do his own house repairing, unclog toilet and other related works. Some thing need to see that safety shall come first. These tools can pinch your skin, cut your body part or harm you. So, if you don’t know how to use them, then it is better to call professional.

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