Introduction of Plumbing

Plumbing Introduction:

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In this article, I am going to tell you the basics of plumbing and the

things that are included in plumbing services. It is a good profession In some countries and the it is a fact. But in some countries they do the works like sanitary workers. Means that if a person is a plumber then he will have to clean the clogs in the drain line. In some other countries, it is not a work of plumber.


Water supply and drain system is a work of plumbing. What plumber do? he use his tools and then make it sure that you get the water connection, you get water from the top tank to your tap without any leakage. He makes it sure that the drain of wasted water / used water shall go to the main drain line, these kind of piping a plumber do, they mostly work at home, but it is not necessary that they only work at home, they also do work in small factories, big mills and industries.


A plumber has some special tools other than normal tools, I will try to talk about those tools later. Right now, shading some light on the importance of plumber and the introduction of his / her services. When we are going to build our houses, whether they are concrete or sheds, but we get the services of a plumber to make the water availability in our bathrooms, kitchens, gardens and anywhere it is needed.


In concrete houses, we see piping inside the wall or below the flooring. Not all the country plumbers do the same work, there are difference of designs of bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools and Jacuzzi. Some house owners used to use iron galvanized pipes. Some are using PVC pipes, some are using copper pipes and now some are using rubber pipes. I will try my best to show you all the pipes and fitting methods. I will show you the best available in my nearest market.


Plumbers use different gauge of pipes for drain and supply of water. the gauge starts from quarter inch to 6 inches in normal houses. It increases when it enter in commercial level. But if we talk about the supply of oil or any other fluid then it is not a work of plumber, because it is a work of pipe fitter. When we see workers fitting pipe in oil rig or any refinery then they are not plumber. They are pipe fitters. This is a difference of pipe fitter and plumber, work are almost same but the profession is different.


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