Plumbing Fails | Mistakes that most of the plumbers do

Plumbing failureNew plumbers do mistakes in their projects, that are called “Plumbing fails”. Why this thing happens? because they think that plumbing is so much easy. It is easy to do, but need proper measurement and common sense. If the pipes are outside of wall then it can repair easily. But if the pipes are inside the wall or ¬†below the ground as drain lines then it will be difficult to repair it.


The most common plumbing fails are:


  • Use of excess elbow joints.
  • Less measurement of p-trap.
  • Pointing cold water at hot and hot water at cold (usually we see cold water point comes on right side and hot water on left side)
  • Drain point of bathroom commode far from the wall.
  • Shower mixer or faucet mixer points are not equal and the distance between cold and hot water points.


plumbing fails

If these kind of plumbing fails occur then it may cost a lot. Because they will need to repair not only pipes but the tiles of the floor or walls. In modern times, people love concealed piping rather than open pipes. However, in this modern world, there are so many people get their piping open and they use iron galvanized pipes. New technology arrives and now people are using plastic pipes of several grades. They also use copper pipes, but if we use copper pipes then in my personal view, it will not be a good decision.


If you have decided to be a plumber, then need to consider a lot of things. The level of P-trap or u-trap is really important. It is connected with ventilation of bathroom. It will prevent sewer gas to come inside the bathroom. If it is not properly installed then sewer gas (that is lighter than air), will make odor. The water in the p-trap will create a barrier and will prevent it to come inside.


Use of Extra bends

Plumbing failsAnother thing is use of extra full bends (elbows) because mostly new plumbers don’t know how to tackle the situation. It happens when the work place is small. Plumbers should use union instead of elbows to make joints between two pipes. It can be seen in this picture that how plumber did wrong. He could use half band instead of making this U band in this picture. The pipe could be shorten and then he could use two half bends that are 45 degree bend. The matter could be sorted out in that way. So in that kind of situation a plumber shall relax. See the aspects and know the proper use of joints and plumbing parts.


Points of Plumbing

plumbing failsIn new construction, the plumber shall know the points of plumbing. If he doesn’t know then it will be difficult to satisfy the owner of building or house. Installing points out of its place may lead plumbing fails. You can see in the picture, plumbing fails. This is because the points are far from the seat. It is approx 20cm far from its real installation place. It is very much important to take care of the luxury and satisfaction of owner. If a person is satisfied with your service then he will refer others.


A new plumber should see what is in the interest of his client so that the client will give good reviews about his company. In most of the countries in Gulf and Asia, plumbing is a service of individual. People don’t hire plumbers through company, they hire the individual handyman. It is a good profession. In united states, people usually search plumbing supply store and the company forward the technician.


There are two kind of plumbing works, one is new construction of house and other is old constructed repairs. Most of the plumbers like to work on new construction because it is clean to work with. While plumbers charge extra charges for old repairs. Most of them deny to repair, because of complexion of work.


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