Painting Basics | Basics of New Painting work

painting basicsPainting basics are necessary for you, ifWhen you are going to paint your property, whether it is a wooden piece, a brick wall, a body of car or anything else, there are several things that a person should know. If a person don’t know how to follow the steps and how to apply color, then he will not get success.


In painting field, there are some other departments that do the same work, but the field is different. Just like painter of cars, fridges or metal body, wall painter, door painting etc. In this article, I will shed some light on the types of painting and the things that need in painting work. We mostly see that painting is a work of construction field. We see painters do their work on buildings, rooms, doors etc.


There are several types of colors available in market, some are water based and some are oil based. Its up to you which one you are using paintingfor your walls. Mostly people choose water based paints, its easy to apply and easy to remove from your hands or skins. They do not damage the skin. Several kind of water based paints available in market. some of them are, distemper, semi plastic, plastic emulsion etc, depends upon the market of various countries. If you are applying on wooden wall then you will need to use oil paint, or oil based paints rather than water based.


First of all, we will talk about the tools that we use in painting. The most common thing is a brush. But there are some other things that need to know. These tools are, hand gloves, glasses to secure eyes, a rough suit, so that during paint, your casual suit will not ruin with color. A paint brush, a roller, if you are using roller then the try is necessary. For making more accurate, painter may use paper tapes and used News papers for finishing purpose.


Painting can be applied on any surface, not only on walls. We are human and love colorful life, that’s why we love colors. In our furniture, doors, walls, electrical appliances etc. We want colorful that attracts attention. The aim of this article is to give information regarding painting and its necessities.


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