Fridge Mechanism | Mechanism of Fridge

Fridge Mechanism

In this article, I am gonna discuss about the mechanism of a normal defrost fridge and no frost fridges. I am not going to differentiate it, because I have already told in my earlier article. Here is am talking about the normal mechanism and the things that are working in refrigeration in a fridge. This thing will be basic information for fridge repair.


Fridge compressor:

The most common thing that every person know about the fridge is it’s compressor, this is the main point of a fridge. Well it is true, because compressor compress gas, it suck and discharge the gas and make refrigeration in the fridge. Now let’s start understanding the compressor and it’s components.


Fridge compressorIf we see in a compressor then we will find two working components, one is pump and other is stater, the work of stater is to rotate the pump and pump starts working and pressurize the gas in the chamber and it returns within the suction line. It is a small scenario of a compressor, there are two most common compressors are available, one is simple pump compressor and other is rotatory compressor. A rotatory compressor is in cylinder shape whole a normal compressor is in round shape.


If we see the compressor then we can see there are several pipes inside the compressor, but in reality there are only two main pipes that are working, one is suction pipe and other is discharge pipe, suction pipe sucks gas and discharge pipe discharges the gas , if you see three pipes in your compressor then one is suction, second is discharge and third will be charging line that technician use to charge the gas.


Fridge Condenser:

After compressor, the discharge pipe connects with the condenser that you can see behind the fridge, the black grill that becomes too hot while fridge is in working condition. This is because compressor pressurize the gas and gas becomes hot, after traveling into chamber, it comes inside a little strainer, this is a small tube with stain inside it, some strainers are larger than normal and it has some round jelly balls inside, this type of strainer is called dryer, because it dries the gas.


fridge repair

The other end of strainer, you can see a capillary tube, that is a thin tube, that compress the gas and this capillary spray the gas inside the chamber of refrigerator. It continuously spray the gas that was in liquid form in the capillary, because of pressure and compression. After traveling the whole refrigeration chamber it then travel in the lower chamber of fridge that we use for storage of our bottles and grocery etc.




Fridge Lower Chamber:

After completion of gas travel in the lower chamber, it comes back in the compressor. In this whole process not only discharge works but suction also work. If the compressor is sucking gas then it is discharging gas in the outlet of the compressor. This is the whole cycle that a normal fridge has.


Extra pipes with compressor:

Now let’s talk about the other pipes. You can find them below the main pipes. There might be two extra pipes, because in normal fridges there are only three pipes. If you see five then there will be two extra pipes for inner condenser. This is to increase the distance and the capacity of compressor. The distance of gas travel is important for compression.

Fridge repair

A technician will face problem, if he is going to replace the compressor. Let’s suppose if there is a compressor of 1/2 horse power and technician can not find a new compressor of same capacity? then he can use 3/4 HP compressor instead. But then he will need to shorten the distance of pipes to get proper cooling. Mostly technicians increase or decrease the size of capillary to get results and they increase the gas too.


I hope that I have told all the mechanism that is being used in a normal fridge. The same system is also applied in refrigerator too. Here I am talking about normal fridges and refrigerator including deep freezer. The mechanism of air conditioner is also same but the size of compressor is bigger than fridge and refrigerator. This is because of cooling capacity that we can measure in MMBTU.

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  1. I have a Hitachi fridge – model: v470puk3k.

    Its usually quite hot on the sides and back. Today it feels quite cool. Also, I feel that the temperature inside the fridge is also not as cool as it usually is…

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