Comparison between Master Degree in USA v/s Master Degree in UK

Comparison between Master Degree in USA & UK

In this article we are going to compare master degree in the USA to Master degree in UK. In that perspective the graduate students may compare the master degree program in the above mentioned countries. This comparison will open doors of thoughtful consideration and will shed light on time, cost and accommodation in university. Earning advance degree can give better career opportunities for those who are seeking for PhD or related degrees.

Here below we are highlighting some key differences that may change your decision of admission most probably.

  • Universities of UK and USA are among top ten universities in the world ranking.
  • Three types of master degree offered in the UK. Master degrees, postgraduate diplomas and third one is research based master degree.
  • The United States universities may take two years or more for the degree, but UK can offer you these degrees within 12 months of short period.

Master Degree in the UK

The UK has most prestigious universities and any sensible person will select those universities to complete their education. There are so many famous universities that are well known and prestigious among other universities in the world. One of the famous is Oxford University. Second one is University of Cambridge. Both are famous and well known. Another famous is Imperial College of London. These institutions are included in top 10 universities of the world. The list consist of 1400 universities of 92 countries. This top ranking is considered due to top educational system, teaching environment, resources devoted to research and it’s international outlook. Why do Americans choose to study in the UK ? The main reason is short duration of study and degree. They can earn degree within shortest possible time of nine to twelve months. This is really an amazing thing.

Duration of Master Degree in UK

Due to short duration of degree, the cost of accommodation also reduce. The cost of whole course may vary. As an average estimate for the cost of tuition for a non British student is nearly about 15000-18500 British Pound Sterling. The degree for business may vary and charge more. It may add 5000 Pounds sterling more. Please take this point that this amount doesn’t include other costs, it only indicate for tuition fee. The accommodation and visa are other part of cost.

Requirement for Master Degree in UK

The requirement of student visa for a British university is almost 1265 pounds sterling per month. It is an estimate per month cost of living for a student. If a person is planning for a nine month study within the city of London, then it will amounting to 11,385 pound sterling need to have for visa process. If the student wants to study outside of London city, then the cost will reduce and it may cost 1015 pounds per month and 9135 for nine month expenses, other than tuition fee. Students can calculate for their chosen plan, if their course duration is for more than nine months.

Master Degree in USA:

Once we look over the top ten universities of the world, we found three of them are in UK, but who are the rest? The answer is rest of universities are in United States. These top united states universities are Harvard University, California institute of Technology, Massachusetts institute of Technology, Princeton University, Stanford University. In this list of universities, The California Institute of Technology and Stanford University are on higher place then other universities. You can now understand which university you should choose for your master degree.

Cost for Master Degree in USA

In the last academic year of 2018-19, the cost of tuition fee of public institution were 18,383USD for an undergraduate, including fees, room, board etc. If applying for a non profit institution, in private the cost will increase up to 47419USD and 27040 at private profit institution. The cost is higher for Harvard University, it may cost 111000USD per year including tuition fee and accommodation.

The tuition fee will reduce, if joining public institution. Similarly, if you are living in a small town, then the living cost will also reduce. The duration of a master degree is long, that’s why need to search some cheap places to live there. It will reduce some cost of your estimation. If we compare the fee of United States universities to UK universities and considering the exchange rates, then we will found that these are almost equal or a slightly higher. The American Masters degree program can take two years of study and thesis work. But some degrees can be earned within a year. If you are planning for PhD, then go with research based degrees rather than professional. It will be a good decision to select research based degree, if you have future plan for PhD.

Current Situation for Master Degree in USA

The attendance in the educational institution has been reduced due to current world situation. Universities are also affected with the current pandemic situation. In the United States, the enrollment of new students registration has been fallen to 61% in the year of 2020. It’s an estimate of the survey conducted by the higher education institutions. Now, the world is going to open again and the doors of universities are open for you, if you are willing to get your master degree, then this is the suitable time for you to apply. Apply now and get your seat and accommodation reserved in universities, before it’s too late.

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