How to repair ceiling fan | Repair your ceiling fan

Ceiling Fan Repair Guide

If you want to repair ceiling fan then you will need to follow this guide. There might some problems in your ceiling fan that you don’t know. But don’t worry here I am telling you some symptoms, so that you would be able to figure out the exact problem in your ceiling fan and may probably you get the ability to repair it your self.


Problem number 1: Ceiling Fan is making noise too much.


fan bearingSolution: This is because the bearing inside the fan motor are not working properly and the balls of the bearing have been cut or out of place. You need to change the bearings. Bearing are cheap at market that you can find from any hardware store. But you will have to get the bearing with you to show the number of bearings, so that you would be able to replace them with ease. There are two bearings in each ceiling fan, may be upper bearing is out of order or below the motor, but it is recommended to change both the bearing instead of only one.


Problem number 2: The Ceiling Fan speed is not fast.

Solution: This is because the ceiling fan capacitor is not working fan capacitorproperly or may have burned. (See Picture) You need to change the capacitor, that you can find on the upper area of motor. But remember the wire code and color before you change the capacitor. If you change the wire series then the fan may rotate anticlockwise. It will start moving but will not give air downside, instead will give upper side. So, need to see this thing compulsory. If the capacity of the capacitor is 2.5uf then change it to 3.5uf. The maximum capacity of a normal ceiling fan capacitor is 4.5uf. It is not recommended to replace 4.5uf. 4.5uf capacitor is for the weak winding fans, not for normal fans.


Problem number 3: The Ceiling Fan stopped working and it is too much heating.

fan winding

Solution: The capacitor of the fan has stopped working. You should change the capacitor. If the capacitor is working fine then the most obvious thing is that the winding of fan has been burned and need rewinding. In this case you need technical assistance because winding need technical skills and proper calculation. That includes the gauge of winding wire, the turns off wire and the connections between turns. So it will be better to consult with technician or buy a new fan. The ceiling fan is not as much costly to buy.


Problem Number 4: There is no movement in Ceiling Fan.


Solution: In this case, please check the electric button and its connection inside. Only in that case, if you have knowledge of basics of electricity. If you don’t have basic knowledge then consult with an electrician. An electrician or that person who did the room wiring of your house.

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