Donkey Pump Gland Dori – Gland Seal of Donkey Pump

Donkey Pump Gland Dori

Donkey Pump Gland Dori is a local word in asian countries. Especially in indian sub-continent. What is Gland Dori and how it works? Actually it is a thick thread of cotton and polyester. This Gland seal is most important in donkey pumps. It is a thread that is used on the shaft between piston and water pump. As we can see that there isn’t any Gland dori in the piston area, it usually used in pump area. This is because, of water pressure. When we run donkey pump then it will start pumping through it’s shaft. All we need to understand, the whole parts of donkey pump, in order to understand work of gland dori.

In the chamber of water pump, there are three things that a person can easily see from outside. One is upper chamber, second is lower chamber and third is a plate between these two chambers. If we see thoroughly, then we can see that a shaft is also coming outside from the lower chamber. There is a check nut on that shaft and fixed in lower chamber. We need to see that check nut, because the gland seal will be used behind that check nut. This check nut can be tighten or loosen by using wrench of 19-21 number. Depends upon the size of your donkey pump.

The First Fault in new donkey pump

This is the first fault that a person can face after buying donkey pump. This is the initial stage of donkey pump repairing. Due to continuous running and pressure from the upper chamber, this gland seal usually leaks. The easiest way to handle this fault, is just tight the check nut a little bit. Just use wrench of same size and tight 10 degrees only. Don’t tight too much, otherwise it will tighten the shaft too. If the check nut is too much tight, it will increase rational power. It will cause load on motor and pump too. This is the beginning of donkey pump repair and you will know how to repair your water pump easily.

If you are using 12 volts motor with donkey pump, then tightening too much will cause sever loss. Your 12 volts DC motors can heatup quickly. If you are a new person, then don’t do this, to secure your things from failure. Whatever you are doing, do it carefully.

Gland Dori weakness symptoms

What are the symptoms, when you are going to alert regarding gland seal. When you see that there is water below in a small pocket between water chamber and piston chamber, it’s time for repair. Due to gland seal weakness, you will see water outside of water pump. Why this thing happens? This is because, you are using donkey pump for a longer time. Secondly, you are trying to discharge water on height. If you are discharging water on second floor height, then due to water pressure, you can see this thing. 12 volts dc pumps can also send water up to second floor.

One more thing, that a person need to understand. Due to water and rust, this check nut and inner thread may slips. The gland seal is easily available in any hardware store. Before fixing new gland seal, it is necessary for a person to clean the older seal. It will be a little bit difficult, because of the narrow area of check nut. It will require a bent needle or a thick wire to clean inside check nut. After cleaning, roll the gland seal inside and then cut the gland seal carefully, so that it will place inside the check nut.

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