Funny Moments of Hot American Actress

Funny Moments:

We we talk about meeting with celebrities, we should also see some fans that do some funny things that camera records. In this article we are talking about those funny moments that camera captured. Today we are talking about Hacks Star Megan Stalter Talks in her video went viral. Her “Hi Gay” video went viral. The actress & comedian had enjoyed a breakout year,¬† from stealing scenes. She appeared in viral video on instagram. Megan Stalter told that her next hacks character is Kayla. Inspiration for her wacky, on teh nose parodies and queer representation in comedy.

A reporter ask her what do you love about the New York comedy festival? She said, It’s always the most fun festival. She added that there’s nothing better than New York Shows, audiences, the venues. Nothing can compare to New York comedy scene. She further added that she enjoyed a lot with New York festival and had the most wild shows of her life in New York.

Hacks Star Megan Stalter

The show namely “Hacks” was one of the biggest show this year on TV. Megan Stalter got the role in that TV show. Reporter asked here, did she have any special idea she was going to do in that tv show? She answered that she really did, this is because Paul, Lucia and Jen are funniest people¬† in the world in my view and the script was also so funny. I got the audition good all the time. It is not necessary to see yourself something you really are in some scenario. I felt that I already have some ideas about how to do that. “Oh, my God, it will come so natural, because it’s such a funny part”. The whole time of filming was really natural for me, at that time I was saying ” They’re going to love this.”

The script was so funny and they left us to do whatever we want. I dive in the dept and showed the little funny girl inside me. I really felt like it is going to be something really special. The world appreciated my work, that’s enough for me. We did something special and people appreciate. The reporter asked her, Everyone on show is so funny. How often did you break character? She answered the question with a laugh. She said that it happened couple times in the hotel scene, when we both started laughing and all the camera people were also laughing.


That was some funny talks of star Megan Stalter, below is a video of funny moments of celebrities captured on live tv. You will enjoy watching that video too. It is captured during live tv shows and reporting. That is only funny moments of the celebrities. Hope you also will enjoy watching this video.




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