Fridge bulb troubleshoot | repair fridge bulb yourself

Fridge Bulb is not working? Read here.

fridge bulb holderIf your fridge bulb is not lighting then there might be some problem inside, if the rest of your fridge is working properly. This is a problem that you can troubleshoot easily and will not take too much technical skills. Specially if you are using defrost fridge. If want to know more about defrost fridge then read it here.


If you find the deep freezer or fridge bulb is not working properly then do these simple steps to repair it.


Cleaning bulb points in holder

  1. Turn off the fridge first.
  2. Put the fridge bulb out and see if the element of bulb is properly connected or not.
  3. Clear the points of bulb in holder. Use a flat screw driver.
  4. After cleaning the points of bulb, use a small screw driver and try to scratch the point inside the holder, as it may have some carbon.
  5. Fix the bulb again and turn on the switch of fridge and see if the bulb is lighting or not. Press the door switch nearby the door and see if it is working.


If the bulb is still not working, then you need to see the contacts of bulb with points. It happens several times that the bulb points do not touch with pins inside holder. If it is touching properly then the second option to see is, the door switch. A fridge may have several door switches according to the doors in fridge. Companies usually use one or two bulbs in fridges compartments. The door switch in deep freezer is different from normal fridge. Learn more about fridge mechanism.


Fridge Door Switch checking

fridge door switchThe door switch of a fridge bulb is not too much complicated. It can easily repair if you can put it out. It doesn’t have any screw inside in normal fridges. You can put that switch out. There will be only two points. These are points to join and make a circuit to light the fridge bulb. Use a continuity or digital meter to see whether the points are good or not. Check that points by pressing button and with idle position. If it is showing circuit connection in idle then it is in good condition. If not then need to change the door switch.


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