Basics of Electricity

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In this tutorial, I will tell you something about basics of electricity. Electricity has volts, watts and amps. This is a thing that I have already told you in my earlier article. Now move a bit forward to understand the electrical work.

Electricity Basics

When we talk about electricity then there are most commonly used two wires in appliances. If we talk about house electrical system, we will see the role of only two wires. One is called neutral and other is called current (phase). We use these two wires for the electricity supply and after use of electricity, safe exit of electricity. Means, Electricity come through phase wire and exit through neutral wire. (Some people call it hot and cold wires).

When we see the whole system of a room to whole house then we will concentrate on these two wires mostly for electrical supply. An electrician need to see the voltages on a wire that how much voltages in one wire. If there is 110 volts and the appliance is 220, then he will use two phase wires. If there is 220 volts and appliance is 220 then he will use one strong neutral wire.

It depends upon the main electrical system of that city or country. But it is true that almost all the country electricians do the same work for electrical supply. The volts in electrical wire may differ, but the theory is almost same. Talking about house electrical system. We will use two wires, one is phase and other is neutral. Now talk about the gauge of wire, what it shall be? We will use minimum gauge of wire for single point. Lets suppose, if we are using one LED of 14 watts, then we will use 3mm wire for that, because it is enough for that load. A good electrician always ask the house owner about their needs. He ask about the points they need and what they want to use there.

House hold electrical appliances, that need load may heat up wires and that may cause fire at house. For safety, electrician use higher gauge wires to protect from over loading. As I have told in my earlier article that electrician will use higher gauge of wires for some appliances. Most common things that take too much load are:

  • Electrical Iron
  • Refrigerator
  • Electric Ovan
  • Microwave Oven
  • Split Unit (Air conditioner)
  • Echo system (sound system)
  • water suction / discharge motor


water pumpsplit unitrefrigeratormicrowave ovenelectric ovenElectric Ironecho system


These are a few normal things that people use in their houses. A good electrician will calculate the complete load of a house then he will suggest the gauge of wires that will be needed. Electricians not only do wiring of electricity, but also do wiring of internet cables, television cables. Nowadays, people mostly use WiFi and MiFi, but cabling of these things are necessary. So, these are some basic things that pointed out here, in next article, I will move forward and will tell some more.

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