Introducation of Electrical Work

Electrical Work Introduction:


In this article I am gonna tell you, what is electrical work and what are things that are included in electrical work. The field of electric is very big, but we will discuss little to understand what electricity is and how much useful / harmful it is. The basic concept about electricity.

To secure yourself from electrical shocks, you will need to wear electrical work boots, gloves and goggles, to secure yourself. You will also need electrical work bags or box to gather the tools that are needed in electrical work. Another thing that is very much important is a cap, you will need plastic electrical cap, because it is necessary if you are working on ceiling to secure yourself from electrical shock. These are some electrical work basics that I am telling you.

Basically, electricity is a thing that is necessary nowadays in our lives, without electricity we can not think to live. But the fact is that in ancient times, there wasn’t electricity, but nowadays it is necessity of life. How it produce? it is a lengthy process, but in a nutshell, I am gonna tell you that the energy that atoms produce in copper, silver and some other metals wires and the flow of that energy is called electricity. (May be I am wrong somewhere), lets move forward. There are two kind of electricity as far as I know, may be some other type of electricity nowadays, (I am not an expert). The one is Alternative Current (AC) and other is Direct Current (DC). I am not discussing here the difference between these currents, but telling you that these are two kinda electricity.

Electricity is a thing that we see in our daily routine life. We can see it in a watch cell to big power plants. it can be from 1.5 volts till 11000 volts. In this sequence we will discuss about the low voltages from 12volt to 220 volts. We will also include 330 and 440 but a little bit.

Electrical Work
Electrical Work

Mostly the electricity that we get in 12 to 24 volts are DC, and if we see in higher level then we will see 110 to 220 in AC. We have an option to change the mode of current from AC to DC and from DC to AC. In our houses, we use 110 to 220 volts. In some asian countries, they use 110 volts for their appliences. Specially in Japan, they use 110 volts for their appliances, but in other countries they use 220 volts. There are several places where we can see lack of electricity or resources are not enough to get proper electricity, then they use generators, solar power and wind power to generate electricity, in small scale of power generation that we can do ourselves will produce 12 volts that I am gonna tell you in near future in up coming articles and videos.

What am I doing with electricity work? I have a little bit experience with this work that’s why I am telling you about my experience and knowledge regarding electricity, but working on higher voltage that is 110 to 220 volts may harm for the people who are unaware of electrical work. Here I will try to teach you some small projects and electrical works. It is to show you that how much works you can do within your own house. That’s my intention of this website.

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