Electrical Appliances, Amperes, Volts and Watts

There are three things that are most common in electrical appliances that we can see in our routine life. One is volts, second is Amperes and third is Watts. What are these things and why we use these words? this is because they are measuring units of current, electricity and use of electricity per hour basis. The flow of current and amount of current is called Amperes, Volts are different, They can be steady. Watts are the use of electricity on hour basis. We can measure this thing by simple equation.

Electrical Work
Electrical Work

If we want to know the value of watts then we will multiply the volts from amperes. Let’s suppose, if we have 12 volts and 10 amps (amperes) then the watts will be 12×10 = 120 watts. If we want to know about the about the amps in this equation, then we will divide 12/120 = 10 Amps. If we want to know the value of volts then we will 120/10 = 12 volts.

These are the things that we need to understand, if we want to understand the appliances and their usage. Every appliance has its own properties, some has volts limits, some has amp limits. But if we see roughly then we will see that the appliance has more than normal capacity. Just like if we have 220 volts in our socket then we can see that 220 – 240 volts on the appliance. This is because they know the fluctuation of volts. So, if electricity gets more volts then it will suffer if it reaches the limit, if it cross the limit then the appliance will burn.

In our normal house electrical wiring, we have to make sure that the gauge of the wire must be strong, we will see what amount of load of electrical appliance will be on that wire. What is its capacity, because if we put excess load on wires then it will start heating and it may burn the insulation of wire that may cause fire in house.


Normally we use 3 wires or 3 mm wires for single connection. A single connection can be a bulb, a ceiling fan, a simple socket where we can charge mobile phones, juicer, blenders etc. But if we are going to use power plug, that will need heavy wires. Heavy wires means 7 copper wires in a single wire or 4 mm wire. That will bear the load of heater, microwave oven, refrigerator, electrical iron, computer and LED etc. If we are using higher appliances, just like room chiller, split chiller unit, water heater then we will use heavy wire and that will be directly from the main switch panel.

These are some knowledge that I share here with you. I will try my best to give you more information regarding electricity and its work. This is actually to make your mind clear that how electricity works and what are its units. If you have any question or query, please contact me via email, comment below or connect with social media.

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