Donkey Pump Repair – Donkey Pump parts you need to know

Donkey Pump Repair is easy:


Donkey pump repair is not as much difficult as people think. But first of all we need to see what are the components of donkey pump. In most of donkey pumps we see two major things. One is its electrical motor and other is water pump. The inner pump can be different from size and design. But these are two most common things. The motor can be quarter horse power to 1 horse power. Let me tell you about the motor components first.


pump motor
pump motor

In the motor of donkey pump, the components are rotator, stator and a capacitor. After that there is a pully on motor shaft. On that pully we join pump to motor with V-belt. Some motor manufacturers use single v-belt and some use double v-belt. These are the components of motors. When motor stops working, then it means that the capacitor is not working, or the stator of motor is heat up.


Let’s talk about the water pump below the electric motor. If we see the pump then there are more components than electric motor. In the donkey pump, there are two sections. One chamber is filled with oil and other will be water suction and discharge chamber. In the first chamber, there is a flywheel outside. The flywheel is attached with a shaft and the shaft is attached with a piston. The piston is in oil chamber and the piston moves and it moves the shaft that is attached with first chamber to the second chamber.


In the second chamber of the donkey pump. The shaft is attached with two bogies. This is a normal donkey pump. I think all the donkey pumps are same as I am telling here. The design may be different but the mechanism are same. The bogies and shaft move within a glass tunnel or you can say its bore. The move and create pressure of water. In the above of this tunnel, we can see a valve plate. This valve plate has 4 valves. These valves are used to stabilize the pressure of water. They are simple valves with springs. above that plate, there is an empty chamber with two holes. One is for suction and other is for discharge. This is the simple scenario of a donkey water pump.

water pump
water pump

When we are going to talk about water pump repair then most asians think about donkey pump repair. This is because most of asian countries use donkey pump to fetch water from main water line or from well. Donkey pumps are durable and more reliable than other block chamber water pumps.


There are some common reasons that we can recognize when donkey pump is not working. The major fault that we see while donkey pump repair, pump is not making pressure or not fetching water. The most common problem that every pump owner face after sometime use of donkey pump. If you have know how of plumbing then you can repair it easily, if not then you will see plumbing fails. These are in certain conditions, if you are new then it will be better to contact with a plumbing contractor rather than trying yourself. Though it is not a difficult work, but it will be hard to loose the bolts of pump.


Nowadays, hardware stores have all the parts of pumps. Mostly technicians require valves, quarter pins, valve springs, valve plates, gland threads, bogies, bolts, oil seals, oil and capacitors for motor. All these things are easily available with any plumbing supply store near you. A person should understand all the things that are necessary to repair.


During repair of donkey pump, there are several things that person should see carefully. The number one thing is rubber gasket, that is necessary when you are going to open the chambers. Usually we need to open the first chamber that include bogie, valves etc. In that chamber you can see suction and discharge lines. In that chamber there are two gasket used, one is above the valve plate and other is below the valve plate.


There is another place between these two chambers, that is hollow area. There is only a shaft and a check nut. In this check nut, there is a gland seal. That is also called gland thread. This is to seal the water chamber and its pressure. Mostly this gland seal leaks and it is necessary to tight that check nut, if water leaks from there. But that check nut shall not be tighten too much, otherwise the shaft will get friction.


There are several things that I want to share with my visitors, but I will share them in other articles. Please read other articles to understand these things. Hoping that this information will help you to understand about Donkey Pump Repair.


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