Donkey Pump with 12v Motors – Use 12 volts Motors in Donkey Pump

12 volts Motors in Donkey Pump

12 volts Motors are not new thing nowadays. It is easily available in hardware shops. Some 12 volts motors are in cheap and some are expensive. The person should know, which one s/he should buy. In the country of Pakistan, summer season need a lot of water consumption. The summer season, there is a lot of power failure in village and city areas both. In urban areas, they are also suffering heavy load shading of electricity. Due to shortage of electricity, the water and power development authority decided to run their motors in off peak timings. Night timing are considered as off peak time. So, they release water in pipelines in night timing, and mostly during the water supply, electricity mostly fails.

12 Volts Motors actually work

12 volts Motors are actually called as DC motors. These DC motors are powerful in their rotation. These DC motors can run your donkey pump easily. A person need to understand that this is small motor and need to have run heavy load. So, that’s why the donkey pump must be equal to it’s capacity. In the market of Karachi, Pakistan, the donkey pumps are available in two capacities. One is 1 horse power and other is half horse power. There are big donkey pumps too, but they are for industrial purpose or you can say, commercial purpose. Here we are talking about home consumption. So, we will talk about half horse power donkey pump.

If a person decided to live off grid, then he can use these settings. These settings will give him good results along with effectiveness. Right now, I personally am using 12 volts motors in donkey pump. I have a very good experience. I will later tell you some cons about these dc motors too. Right now, I am talking about the possibilities and what I am doing with 12 volts motors in my donkey pumps. Right now, I am living off grid and using these 12 volts motors for fetching water from the main line. I also am using it to discharge water to 3rd floor of my building.

DC motors to in Donkey Pump

12 volts motors
power window motor

Which DC motors can you use to fetch water through donkey pump? You can use any 12 volts motor with the consumption of 3 amps minimum. These DC Motors can be auto self motor, that we use to rotate car engine. We can also use power window dc motor. This power window dc motor can also be used in donkey pumps. The specifications of donkey pumps must be:

  1. Donkey pump must have bearings, at least 2 bearings in it’s shaft.
  2. Donkey pump must not have tight belt.
  3. The alignment of donkey pump flywheel and motor pulley must be proper aligned.
  4. The glend thread must not be tighten.
  5. The oil in the donkey pump shall be in liquid form.
  6. The pulley of dc motor must be properly aligned.

By following these guidelines, fetching water with 12 volts motors is possible. All you need, after all these things, only 12 volts power supply. Either from transformer or from any battery. If you don’t have power supply from grid, or don’t have battery, then you can use solar panel. Remember, Solar panels only work in day timing, not in night timings.

In next few days, I will write something about wind turbines. These are also effective and can help to reduce heavy bills. With the help of wind turbine and solar panels, people can live off grid easily. The maintenance charges will be lesser than the actual electricity bill. If you like this article, please do comment below. You can also get in touch with us on Facebook.

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