Ceiling Fan information

Information about Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan is a thing that is most common in every house. Almost every room needs a ceiling fan, in this article, I am gonna tell you that how many parts are there in a ceiling fan. So that you would be able to understand the parts of fan, then repair it quickly when stops working.

Inside Ceiling Fan

In a fan there is one motor inside, (that motor has one stater and one rotor). Three or five wings depends upon the design of fan, one pipe to hang it and make distance between fan and ceiling. Whether the fan is small or big, it has almost same motor inside.

repair ceiling fan

The difference that I see in most of the fans are their size of wings. It can be found in 48 inches up to 52 inches. Inside the ceiling fan, there is a small gauge winding of motor, two ball bearings (one is above the motor and other is below the motor), one capacitor and two feet approx wire from the main winding, to make direct connection with electric wire.

There is another part that is indirectly include in fan. It is a speed regulator. Some people directly connect with electric button, because they don’t need slow wind. It usually happen in those areas where heat is on its peak. In normal areas people use regulator along with electric buttons. They make points for regulator in their switch boards of rooms.

These are the things that most of the people don’t know. When we see the ceiling fan is not working properly then we usually call technician to come and see what’s wrong inside the fan. But in the next related article, I am gonna tell you how to repair your ceiling fan yourself without any higher skills. If you have basic knowledge of electricity then you will definitely pick those points. As I have already told you in this article regarding parts of fan.

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