Maintenance of 12 volts DC Motors in Donkey Pump

12 volts dc motors

12 volts DC Motors in Donkey Pump 12 volts DC motors in Donkey pump is a good idea for those who are fade up of power failure. Especially in that situation, when it’s time for water and no electricity. The person can know this pain, if he is living in third world country. Here I … Read more

Donkey Pump Repair – Donkey Pump parts you need to know

donkey pump repair

Donkey Pump Repair is easy:   Donkey pump repair is not as much difficult as people think. But first of all we need to see what are the components of donkey pump. In most of donkey pumps we see two major things. One is its electrical motor and other is water pump. The inner pump … Read more

Commercial Cleaning Services Can Be Fun for Everyone

Commercial Cleaning Services

Unanswered Questions on Commercial Cleaning Services Industrial cleaning is another region in which specialized firms are working for the advantage of the surroundings. So, good cleaning and upkeep of carpets is vital. A lots of expensive industrial cleaners are offered on the market for this objective. If these cleaners fail to eliminate tough stains, you … Read more

Fridge bulb troubleshoot | repair fridge bulb yourself

fridge bulb

Fridge Bulb is not working? Read here. If your fridge bulb is not lighting then there might be some problem inside, if the rest of your fridge is working properly. This is a problem that you can troubleshoot easily and will not take too much technical skills. Specially if you are using defrost fridge. If … Read more

Troubleshoot fridge / Refrigerator | Fridge Problems

Fridge compressor

Troubleshoot fridge is not a big deal. If we see the mechanism of fridge, its simple. It is very important that a person using the fridge should know fridge problems. He would be able to analyze what’s going wrong with his fridge or refrigerator while it is not working fine. In simple words trouble shooting. … Read more

Some Words from DAME

If you have a look on the things around you and just concentrate on them then you would be able to see the mechanism that is being used in it. This is the point where you can polish your skills and repair anything yourself. By doing strong observation you can understand the mechanism. Let me … Read more

Fridge Mechanism | Mechanism of Fridge

Fridge compressor

Fridge Mechanism In this article, I am gonna discuss about the mechanism of a normal defrost fridge and no frost fridges. I am not going to differentiate it, because I have already told in my earlier article. Here is am talking about the normal mechanism and the things that are working in refrigeration in a … Read more

Fridge/refrigerators types | Technical information


Hello guys, in this article, I am going to tell you that how a refrigerator works and how many types of fridges are available in market? Well, there are two most common kind of refrigerator are available in market, people usually don’t know about it and they start buying without proper knowledge, here I am … Read more