Basics of SEO – What to see while you are going to do SEO

Basics of SEO

Heading to do SEO of your website? you will required to learn basics of SEO before you do it in your website. There are a lot of websites and videos on youtube and other video hosted websites, with a lot of SEO related videos and information. All of them have good information. Here I am going to start a series of SEO for my readers, so that they would be able to understand and learn Basics of SEO.

Why basics of SEO? this is because if a person knows the basics then he will be able to move towards advance. Basically people don’t know where to start, that’s why they get confuse. Some of the videos show that you will be a champ of SEO, while doing only a few things, but let me tell you that this is wrong info. This is because when you are going to do those things then that will be out of Google policies and program. Due to those acts, people may lose their ranking and cause a permanent ban in google for a longer time.

Types of SEO

At first, I am telling you that there are three kind of SEO that usually people know. The first and top priority is White Hat SEO, second one is Grey Hat SEO and third one is Black Hat SEO. These are three kind of SEO that people do, but most of the people always do black hat seo. The shortest way to get ranked into search engines is to do black hat seo.

What is the difference between these kind of SEO? Well, the main thing is the quickest result that people want to see. The black hat seo will give quick result in shortest possible time, while white hat seo takes longer time. There are a lot of things to do seo, that I will share with my readers in coming articles. Here in this basics of SEO, I am just giving introduction of SEO and its kinds. There are some pros and cons of these type of SEO.

White Hat SEO takes time

In simple words, white hat seo takes time and grey hat is in middle of white and black. Although grey hat seo is less effective than black hat and takes longer time than black hat, but these are those techniques that usually Google doesn’t ban the whole website. Lets start with white hat seo’s some pros. When you are doing white hat, then it will take longer time, may probably 3 months to 5 months when you will see some google traffic besides all your efforts. This is because the crawling and indexing procedure in the Google.

Why am I talking about google? this is because it is the most popular search engine in the world and it drives a lot of traffic. So, every SEO specialist focus on this search engine and that is worlds biggest and most popular Google. Google love white hat SEO to give good user experience and the most possible relevant information upon search. Making all the relevant thing in your website and informing Google about your content is a name of White Hat SEO.

People prefer black hat seo

People who use black hat seo, they usually use shortcuts. Google soon identify those black hat seo tricks and then they put penalties on websites. There are several websites show that how much your website is penalize in google. Although black hat seo gives good and quickest results, but they are not for long terms. The black hat will give your website boost in search engine until Google bot realized that you have done something wrong. The maximum life of Black Hat SEO is approx 3 months.

Google is sharper than an ordinary person. They mostly detect invalid activity and other relevant things. They do some manual penalty and sometimes automatically they detect and penalize the websites. That’s why we always advice to do white hat seo.

Hope that this informative article will help you to understand about basics of seo. If you have question then comment below and stay in touch with facebook.

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