Artificial Intelligence and Our lives

Artificial Intelligence role in our lives

Artificial Intelligence is not a new thing. All of us have read this word or hear somewhere. This is a system that tells the robots and automatic system to do what they need to do. It means the robots will decide themselves, in certain situation. This will be based on neural network, that will tell the robot several things and then the robot will randomly decide what to do. It usually need a model that usually trained by programmers and they program it according to possibilities. This technology has given a new era to the people love technology. This thing has made almost everything easy. Not only with robots, but also it is used in applications, websites and other relevant fields.

In our daily life, there are a lot of things that we need to decide, which one to do first. The artificial intelligence helps us to decide which one will be good. It also help us to understand the weather situation in our area. The programmers use to train the models for this purpose. They feed the possible images, words etc in a simple model file. That model file is used in the system where intelligence is required. The system of robot or app start reading the model file, Let’s suppose if we have decided to use a detector app then how the detector app works? it is very simple.

Detector Apps Using Artificial Intelligence:

Detector apps read the model files and search the things similar to the given image. If you have an image, then you can compare that and the app will tell you what thing is that. There are several examples of detector apps. Let’s take a flower detector app. When you use that app, you can know the name of flower, if you use that app and take a picture using the app camera. You can also use live feed of camera to see which flower is that. If the flower is Rose, then it will prompt that the flower is Rose. How it happens? This is because the model trained into the app tells the app that the flower is similar to the image namely Rose. This is actually happening with the help of AI.

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Model files sizes:

The size of model file may very, because the more pictures you have the more size model will take. If we see in the robots, then there is no any problem of batteries usage, cpu use and memory use. But if the process takes too much time and memory, it may idle the robot and this will cause failure. The higher processer is required for higher level of detection. The higher processor means higher electricity consumption. It will take more battery power of the robot. So, need to have good battery bank for that purpose.

Language that we use for artificial intelligence programming is python. There are several python extensions. Like python torch, jupyter notebook etc, we use to make model files for the purpose of reading with the help of tensorflow. TensorFlow actually helps us to communicate with models and the end user. It is in light weight and more effective than other modules. That’s why nowadays, programmers use python for data science and make models by using python.

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