Apply for Master Degree In The UK

Apply For Master Degree in The UK

There are several things to consider before you head to the UK to apply for Master Degree in the UK. I have made some points for you, so that you would be able to understand how to prepare yourself.

1- At first, need to understand when should you apply for Master Degree

2- How to apply for a Master degree in the UK?

3- What are the requirements and what things are necessary to include in your application.

4- You need a reference there, so who will be that person to get reference.

5- There are several courses there, choose which course you are interested in, and can you choose more than one?

6- The big but interesting thing is an interview of post graduate, how to prepare yourself?

Let’s start from the point one.

When Should Apply for Master Degree in The UK

It depends upon the institution you are selecting, because there are several institutions open for whole year for upcoming sessions, you are free to submit your application. Beside those institutions, there are some institutes allow only specific time with specific courses. You will require to select the course of your choice within the deadline. Some institutions open their doors for new students on the basis of first come and first serve. You need to be very careful to see this thing at beginning. They can close their window upon receiving of sufficient applications they deem appropriate.

 The ideal time is six months before the course starting date. If you submit your application six months earlier, then there is a chance to get admission. Some institutes have limited seats for foreign students, so making application earlier will increase chances. It will work for you, even you don’t have a post graduate degree to show at the time of admission. Your university can give you predicted degree and that you can submit during application process. It will save your time and chances to get admission.

If you apply early, it will help you a lot. You can secure your university accommodations that you might need. Funding and application deadlines for courses are usually in September for the duration of January and March sessions.  In this timing, you will likely receive your preferred accommodation on early apply.

How to apply for a Master degree in the UK?

Whether you are undergraduate and you have intention to submit your application, you will submit your application directly in the university for Master Degree. The UCAS Postgraduate provides applicants the facility of application management in a small number of UK universities and colleges. Many institutions in the UK have their own online application portals. All the thing you need is to create an account with their portal, do your progress, save your progress and then download the form or get printout. After this process, just apply via post. Every university is not open for full year, they have their own timeframes. You will require to see their timeframes and submit your applications accordingly.

What are the requirements to Apply for Master Degree in the UK?

Whichever course and subject you are trying to apply, you will need to understand what are the things that must include with your application, these are pointed below:

  • Your Personal Statement
  • Your university transcript, along with academic transcripts
  • references that may be two or more
  • your complete curriculum vitae
  • if required by the university, you can ask for a research proposal

There are some more things for international students that are listed below:

  • The copy of your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.
  • If you are not a native speaker of English, then you will have to submit International English Language Testing System (IELTS) certificate with appropriate bands.

Those students who provide all the required documentations at the time of application submission, get early response from the universities.

You need a reference there, so who will be that person to get reference

If you have a reference, that will be a plus point for you. It will increase chances to include you in shortlist of tutors. As we all know that references work all over the world, same thing happens here in the UK universities. All you need to provide is only two academic references.  Trying to approach higher level professor may reduce chances of shortlist. Always be smarter, not over confident. If you don’t have any academic reference, then you can provide professional references too. That will also help you in this situation. At first, you will need to contact your referrer and tell him your intention and current situation. Tell them that you want to apply for master degree in the UK and you need their support.

Don’t hold your application in the wait of references. The main thing is your application submission on time. You have chance to change or add your reference after submission of your application.

Courses to choose while apply for  Master Degree in the UK

Yes, you can apply for more than one course. There isn’t any restriction for that. You can choose more than one course, if you can manage your time and study accordingly. Most of the universities have limit of two or three courses application submission. If you try to apply for more, then it may impact on your application quality.

The big but interesting thing is an interview of post graduate, how to prepare yourself?

This is a chance to present yourself in front of educational tutor. The better presentation, the better chances to get admitted. The most common question, they ask, “which thing drives you to this university? why did you apply only here? why don’t choose any other university? You will need to prepare yourself for this kind of questions and counter questions. Proper preparation will help you to share your intention more clearly and it may convince the tutor to give you admission.


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