Points of Plumbing in your bathroom

points of plumbing

Hello, in this article I am gonna tell you that how much points of plumbing required in a normal bathroom. This is a series of plumbing articles, you can learn basic of plumbing in this website. In a normal bathroom (that is a common bathroom, that every person can use) consist only two points inside … Read more

Some Words from DAME

If you have a look on the things around you and just concentrate on them then you would be able to see the mechanism that is being used in it. This is the point where you can polish your skills and repair anything yourself. By doing strong observation you can understand the mechanism. Let me … Read more

SEO Tools For Complete Website Analysis

As an electronic marketer, I usually stay in the search for new tools that might work without hampering its quality. Website evaluation is an essential part of any SEO plan and locating the best tools for accomplishing a thorough site analysis isn’t that difficult. Here, I am listing the very best 5 SEO tools that’s  … Read more

Fridge Mechanism | Mechanism of Fridge

Fridge compressor

Fridge Mechanism In this article, I am gonna discuss about the mechanism of a normal defrost fridge and no frost fridges. I am not going to differentiate it, because I have already told in my earlier article. Here is am talking about the normal mechanism and the things that are working in refrigeration in a … Read more

Fridge/refrigerators types | Technical information


Hello guys, in this article, I am going to tell you that how a refrigerator works and how many types of fridges are available in market? Well, there are two most common kind of refrigerator are available in market, people usually don’t know about it and they start buying without proper knowledge, here I am … Read more

Room Wiring | How to do wiring in a room

Room Wiring

Well, when we see a single room then we see that there are several plugs points and switch buttons on different places. When we switch on the button then the bulb turn on or fan turn on. This is because it is linked with wires. In a normal room we mostly use only a few … Read more