Water Pump Repairing (donkey pump)

donkey pump

In this article, I am gonna tell you some thing about water pump repairing. This is a most common water pump that people use in asian region and in western region too. This is commonly known as donkey pump in asian region. But first of all, I would like to tell my readers about the … Read more

Basics of Electricity

electricity basics

In this tutorial, I will tell you something about basics of electricity. Electricity has volts, watts and amps. This is a thing that I have already told you in my earlier article. Now move a bit forward to understand the electrical work. Electricity Basics When we talk about electricity then there are most commonly used … Read more

Plumbing work tools

Plumbing works pipe wrench

There are several plumbing work tools that plumbers use in their works. It may differ from the countries and the plumbers choice whether they use custom tools or normal available tools. Plumbing Works Tools: Most common tools that are in use of plumbers are: Screw drivers (Plus & Minus) Pliers (Cutter, Nose & Normal) Saw … Read more

Introduction of Plumbing


Plumbing Introduction: In this article, I am going to tell you the basics of plumbing and the things that are included in plumbing services. It is a good profession In some countries and the it is a fact. But in some countries they do the works like sanitary workers. Means that if a person is … Read more

Electrical Appliances, Amperes, Volts and Watts

Electrical appliances

There are three things that are most common in electrical appliances that we can see in our routine life. One is volts, second is Amperes and third is Watts. What are these things and why we use these words? this is because they are measuring units of current, electricity and use of electricity per hour … Read more

Introducation of Electrical Work

Electrical work

Electrical Work Introduction: In this article I am gonna tell you, what is electrical work and what are things that are included in electrical work. The field of electric is very big, but we will discuss little to understand what electricity is and how much useful / harmful it is. The basic concept about electricity. … Read more

Introduction of DAME (Don’t Ask My Education)

DAME Introduction: The main intention to make this website is to spread the information related to the matters that most of the peoples want to know, but they don’t have proper knowledge of their household things that how to repair them, how to make them work properly. In this website, I will tell you regarding … Read more

How to repair water pump | Donkey Pump

water pump

In most of Asian countries, people are using this water pump to fetch water from well and the main line of water supply. Actually this is the most common and cheap water pump. A person can buy within 40$. They are available in cheap rates and effective too. It is in continuous use that’s why … Read more