Maintenance of 12 volts DC Motors in Donkey Pump

12 volts DC Motors in Donkey Pump

donkey pumps12 volts DC motors in Donkey pump is a good idea for those who are fade up of power failure. Especially in that situation, when it’s time for water and no electricity. The person can know this pain, if he is living in third world country. Here I have talked a lot about solar panels and donkey pumps. There are so many things and alterations that people can do with donkey pumps. Actually donkey pump is a cheap and easily available pump in third world countries. Not only, in Pakistan, India, and asian countries, but also in african countries too.

Electricity is a thing that is now going very expensive nowadays. In those countries who are under development, they can understand this thing easily. Here I am talking about maintenance of 12 volts dc motors in donkey pump. If you have a 12 volt dc motor to rotate the donkey pump, then you need this guide. I will also tell you pros and cons of donkey pump with 12 volts dc motors. The pros are as under:

Pros of 12 volts DC Motors in Donkey Pump

  • With the help of 12 volts dc motors, you can fetch water any time with a local battery.
  • These 12 volts dc motors are cheap in price.
  • These motors are easily available anywhere in auto electrician or auto spare parts workshops.
  • The maintenance of these motors is easier than other 220 volts heavy motors.
  • Less electricity consumption with less voltages.
  • These 12 volts dc motors can work with 10 volts too. Means if your battery is down, these motors will still work.
  • 12 volts dc motors can run 5-6 hours easily with a small battery of 70 amps, 12 volts.

Cons of 12 volts DC Motors in Donkey Pump

There are some cons of 12 volts dc motors. These are as under:

12 volts dc motors
carbon brushes
  • These 12 volts dc motors have carbon brushes, these brushes need to change time to time.
  • These motors get hot quickly, because of the magnets inside and their rotational drags.
  • The 12 volts dc motors do not give good results with 1 horse power donkey pumps,
  • It needs to have tight and good connection with the power supply.
  • Low gauge wires can not supply or give good current to these motors. Need good gauge wires.
  • Big DC motors consume more amperes, if consume more amperes then need heavy gauge wires.

These are some pros and cons of 12 volts dc motors used in donkey pump. These motors can also be used other than donkey pumps. Like, we can use them in our 12 volts vacuum cleaner, Juicers, blenders etc. Some people use these motors in fans too, but I don’t recommend to do that. There are so many 12 volts ceiling fans available and a lot of companies are now working on 12 volts dc motors.

In near future, we will talk regarding fundamental of heating system. In that heating system, we will shed some light on 12 volts heating system. That will be very much beneficial for those who are living in mountain areas. It’s now summer time in the month of March, so we will also talk about cooling systems. If you like our article, then please do comment below, like us on Facebook.

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